Before I get into why copy matters, let’s cover what copy is.

Copy is any written content or messaging that appears in/on a publication, ad, website or marketing material. The goal of copywriting is to increase brand awareness and encourage your audience to take action.

What makes good copy?

Good copy is more than just proper grammar, punctuation and spelling (although, bad grammar and misspelled words are two quick ways to lose customers!).

Some might say that “good” copy is in the eye of the beholder. It should speak directly to the brand’s target audience, which means it could be conversational or professional, humorous or serious, short-and-sweet or long-and-explanatory. It truly depends on what is “good” for the brand.

Ultimately, good copy establishes a brand voice that resonates with your customer base and compels them to click, buy or communicate. It is persuasive without being pushy. It tells a story. It draws your customers in by relating to their life experiences, needs, desires and senses of humor.

Good copy can be found in a catchy headline on a billboard, a creative product description at the grocery store, a laugh-inducing subject line in an email or a memorable tagline at the end of a TV commercial.

So, why does good copy matter?

Strategic, well-written copy is what turns first-time customers or casual website visitors into loyal brand advocates. Smart marketers ensure brand copy and voice stay consistent across all platforms — from social media posts to website content to advertising. When you have a good product or service to sell, brand-aligned copy can be the difference between building a bustling business and closing up shop. Providing trustworthy, relatable and valuable content is one of the most integral ways to market your business.

It’s important to note that copy doesn’t work on it’s own. The best marketing is achieved when good copy is combined with good design (graphics, photography, etc.). When the two come together, your brand becomes elevated, credible and lovable.

How does Abby Dean Creative provide good copy?

Every copywriter has their own way of creating copy. For me, it takes several steps, even for the smallest of projects.

  • I begin by speaking to the client in-person or over the phone to get a full, in-depth understanding of what is envisioned.
  • If I’m not already familiar with the brand, I spend a lot of time asking questions and reviewing past brand examples (press releases, websites, blogs, marketing materials, emails and more), followed by thoroughly reviewing the brand’s competition.
  • Additional research is required, based on the type of project — i.e. keyword research for website and blog writing.
  • Finally, I start writing. And rewriting. And rewriting again. I self-edit several times before I ever send copy to a client. I’ve learned that my best writing comes after I come back to a draft after a night of sleep. Sometimes a headline will pop into my head while I’m lying in bed, or a blog intro will become clear while I’m brushing my teeth. If I allow enough time to write, brainstorm, rewrite, brainstorm and self-edit, the “good” stuff always comes.

Let’s create GREAT copy for your brand! See what services I offer and contact me today to get started.

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